Sarah Palin and her husband outside of Fox News Studios

Sarah Palin is back–er, kind of, whatever that means, she’s being photographed again, that is. She and bungling man child husband Todd Palin were spotted outside Fox Studios earlier this week.

Anyway, the much-maligned former governor/common woman cosplayer showed up to Fox in one of the more impressively bad outfits she’s worn in recent years–and this is from a woman who frequently looks like she pulls clothes from the rubble of collapsed malls, and adds $1200 shoes.

…This week she flings together several remarkably disparate pieces to make one incoherent look. Let’s parse!

  • First off, the circa-2001 Paris Hilton sunglasses. Ugly, giant, mirrored, ostentatious–the kind people wear solely to broadcast how much they can spend on sunglasses. Perfect.
  • The inexplicably pink, circa-1998 peasant top
  • The perforated black skirt
  • The awe-inspiringly ugly snakeskin/studded pumps–jury’s still out on whether they’re Louboutins or Valentinos

We’re a bit surprised at the absence of a big handbag covered in designer logos; it appears she’s just carrying the case for her comically hideous Paris Hilton shades. Other than that, this look is all Palin and her big folksy smile–but we do hope she brought a couple of fleece jackets–it gets chilly in those Fox studios!

Excellent posture, though:

Sarah Palin and her husband outside of Fox News Studios(Photos via Wenn)