There’s a whole lot of hype surrounding Spring Breakers, the upcoming Harmony Korine film starring an extremely hip group of young women: Rachel KorineVanessa HudgensSelena Gomez and Ashley Benson. Plus, James Franco will play a ridiculous drug dealer, and that’s always nice. Though the film sounds a little ridiculous and I admittedly already hate the soundtrack, I’ve always been a fan of everything Korine directs (even though it’s often extremely uncomfortable to watch). Last night, however, the cast was generally ridiculous looking at the Paris premiere of the film.

It’s not as though any of these women are typically unfashionable — in fact, for the most part, all of these stars look great (or at least not noticeably bad) at red carpet events. Hudgens and Gomez have been in the public eye for ages and therefore have quite a bit of experience when it comes to dressing up all snazzy for premieres, while Benson has more recently arrived into focus as an upcoming star and Korine is commonly known for being married to director Harmony Korine. Oddly enough, she was the one who looked the most put together, but we’ll let you see and judge for yourself. Let’s just be clear, though: we’re serious about the breast frame/boob window thing. Famous People, stop it. Stop it now.

Photos: WENN.com[ITPGallery]