So: I had no idea George Clooney was dating Stacy Keibler, which is probably why I don’t write celebrity gossip. But! I am a fashion writer and that makes me more qualified to talk about style than someone who has never seen a dress before. Maybe.

Anyway, Hollywood’s distinguished professor of motion pictures, George Clooney, showed up at the New York Film Festival to premiere his latest film The Descendants* and brought along this season’s George Clooney Girlfriend model, former WCW long leg haver Stacy Keibler.

Let’s get this out of the way: wow, Stacy Keibler is in good shape. Does she do other things besides pilates? Who knows. Whatever she does, she looks like Hera (goddess of the white arms or whatever), good job you are pretty, her figure is pleasing to look at, etc.

That Versace dress she’s wearing is not. It’s a pretty tasteless and transparent ploy for attention. And it doesn’t even fit her well. I hate everything about it from its stupid halter neck to its silly, obvious thigh slit.

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Image via Getty.

*No relation to the band. Lame, I know.