I know, I know. The MTV Europe Music Awards happened DAYS AGO, and I’m sure you were all really, really interested, because the only thing more relevant than MTV-branded Award Shows are MTV-branded Award Shows in Other Countries, but to be honest, I was in a daze from beholding usual suspect Taylor Momsen’s look. I have just now come out of the concussion I gave myself.

I guess I should know better at this point. Maybe if I were a bigger person, these things wouldn’t affect me. But they do. This is what she wants. But look at it.

The choker/dog collar and full bra reveal are standard issue Angsty Teenager, as are the blood-colored over-lined lips and ridiculous raccoon eyes (have we learned nothing from Avril Lavigne? One must not apply eye liner with a damn Sharpie). It’s as if she caught The Crow on Netflix Instant and just sat there, amazed and bewildered, murmuring, This changes everything.

Then there’s the mismatched buttoning of her oversized men’s shirt. I know she’s trying to look like she doesn’t give a fuck, but two hours of hair and make-up done by a professional (albiet one that may hate you?) is still obviously two hours of hair and make-up done by a professional. You don’t look like you’re above it all, you look like a snotty teenager who doesn’t know any better.

And the boots. Oh, god. The boots. Why did you have to drag Alexander Fucking McQueen into this? Snotty and selfish.

[Photos from Celebrity Paradise via Hot Celebs]