I see your sandals, Whitney Port: they are strappy and tan. They have buckles. They are actually quite an eye-catching pair of shoes with their broad swathes of color against your red pedicure. Anyway. I’m sure you did not construct an outfit around pieces that would exclusively clash with these shoes.


The City‘s former star wore what you might call a “statement everything” to the opening of a Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas’ The Cosmopolitan.

I actually like the color of the dress, it’s bold and daring. I can even deal with the shoulders but… a dark shiny cobalt dress with wide-strap sandals in a tawny yellow… a shiny, satin-y gray clutch… and good god, that necklace: it’s like Kokapelli threw up on her chest.

Sure she’s at the opening of 1) a nightclub in 2) Las Vegas, so points for not going with some shrunken sequined mini but… a mess is still a mess.

[Photo via Judy Eddy/WENN.com]