Here at TheGloss, we try really hard to be unbiased and fair. We also try really hard not to lie, so you can see how that’s going. Anyway, we’re all big fans of Christina Hendricks–she’s Joan Halloway! she represents positive change! she seems awesome!–and we’re also big fans of Cate Blanchett–she’s smart! and talented! and has great style!–but that doesn’t mean they get a permanent pass. …Like, for example, Tilda Swinton.

In other words, this week’s Fashion Disaster is a face-off between two ladies we really like and always root for. They are, however, not impervious to ugly dresses. Let’s begin with Hendricks, who wore this dated-looking, matronly Carolina Herrera to Monday’s Elle Style Awards:

And now, the usually impeccable Blanchett, who wore Fall 2012 (as in, just showed) Juan Carlos Obando to an event in New York City:

Nice shoes, though!

Who was the bigger let-down?

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(Photos via Getty)