House of Holland ice cream truck

House of Holland has taken a page from the food trucks of the world and decided to start selling its wares from an ice cream truck.

According to Business of Fashion, Henry Holland acquired an actual ice cream truck and decorated it to be a “roving flagship” for the clothing brand. He named it “Mr. Quiffy” and plans to drive it around the U.K. selling a special ice cream truck capsule collection of clothes and accessories.

“The truck is branded with House of Holland and the website all the way through,” he said. “Plus, we wanted to do something that fit with the ethos of the brand and was fun and playful.”

Holland says the fashion ice cream truck is also intended to give his staff more exposure to the brand’s customers.

“Personally, I see and have a lot of interactions with customers because I do a lot of in-store events around the world, but many [of the people] on the design team don’t,” Holland said. “So what I’ve done, much to everyone’s annoyance in the office, is [said that] everyone on the team has to work in the van for a day, because I want them to see who our actual customer is. It’ll be interesting for them to see the range of customers, and hopefully we’ll get an insight into who buys what.”

Food trucks have certainly shaken up the foodservice industry. Could fashion be next? Holland says the idea has crossed his mind.

“The van is obviously a much cheaper option than an actual store,” he said. “I’ve definitely been thinking about it. If it was a success, it would be silly to not continue.”

If it goes well for Holland, there’s no reason a fleet of mobile stores couldn’t work for other designers. Will we get to buy Chanel earrings from a food truck painted with quilting and camellias? Roving trucks of clothes and shoes would probably not help us control our impulse shopping habit, but they’d be pretty exciting to see. We just think they should sell ice cream, too.

Via Business of Fashion/Photo:  Instagram/house_of_holland