Look, except for the whole “kidnapping puppies and killing them” thing, Cruella De Vil was pretty awesome. And vaguely reminiscent of Coco Chanel! Except for the villainy. And the thugs. And the theft. Still, regardless, Cruella, you had some fashion lessons for all of us. Lessons like:

Two Toned Hair Can Work: Especially if you contrast it with your outfit. Not that we endorse the puppy thing, but we can see how Cruella’s strip of white and black would look pretty cool against Dalmatian fur. Faux Dalmatian fur.

You Can Match Your Accessories to Your Hair: Accessories like your freaking awesome roadster! Mr. Dearly claims that it looks like “a moving zebra crossing.” Which is to say, Cruella’s hair is striped vertically, her car is striped horizontally, and damn, you planned your whole look like the most fashionable supervillain ever, Cruella.

If You’ve Got It Flaunt It: Cruella might have been bony, but she wore those long, slinky gowns that only bony women can do.

Oh, You Can Do The Color Coordination Thing With Your Gowns and Jewels, Too: Those slinky gowns? Mr. Dearly points out that she coordinates them with jewels of opposite colors. So, red gowns with emeralds. I think Mr. Dearly paid so much attention to her because he had a big crush on her because she was so stylish. Despite all the evil.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Super High Shoes: 4.5 inch heels perched upon nails. Dangerous! And sexy! And, actually, kind of short by today’s standards. They sell 4.5 inch stilettos to girls heading off to prom these days. Let’s up that to 8 inches to account for style changes from the 1930s.