Screw Snow White. And Cinderella. Sure, they were pretty, but Jessica Rabbit? She was smoking. While other cartoon characters went around singing to rodents and napping, Jessica Rabbit was sashaying through Toontown while imparting fashion lessons for life. Lessons like:

Sequins at Noon? Hell Yes, Sequins at Noon: Some women just can’t do day wear. And if you’re one of those women? Embrace it. If you feel more comfortable in a red sequined cocktail dress than you do in jeans and t-shirt, just rock it. For you, there will be no casual day, there will only be amazing dress day. Or, you can throw a sweater or a leather jacket over it. Or a t-shirt under it. If you’re a wuss.

In Fact, Just Sequins, Period.: I came of age at a time when grunge was in and sequins were considered – in the uber-fashionable ranks of Junior High – so very late 80’s. I distinctly remember a conversation in 7th grade that revolved around how much someone would have to pay you to wear dress made of sequins. People went back and forth on the topic until one of the popular girls said in that weird, nasally yet authoritative voice that only 12 year olds have “There. Is. No. amount. Of. Money.” And I knew, even sitting there in my flowered patterned Doc Martens, that she was wrong, because in my head Jessica Rabbit remained. She was, for the record, wrong, as Gisele Bundchen and Versace and British Vogue would all like to show you.

Double Sided Tape: Because there’s no other way that dress was staying up.

Side Parts and Hot Tongs: Never underestimate the value of a 1940’s peek-a-boo hairstyle. You can absolutely rock a Veronica Lake look and make it look sultry and amazing, just like Jessica Rabbit. But how? How? Blow dry your hair. Side part it, severely on the side. Get out a curling iron, hold it at the top of your hair, and wrap small sections of hair around it diagonally (not straight). Brush out. Alternatively, you can water wave it – there’s a great tutorial on how to here: Water Waving

Mix Up Your Colors: Purple opera gloves with red sequins? Okay, not necessarily one you’d think of unless you’re one of the red hat ladies. But everything doesn’t have to match!

An Outfit That Jessica Rabbit Would Wear Today: Fortunately, this one is really easy, as there’s already a living breathing incarnation of Jessica Rabbit in the form of Christina Hendricks. Check out her red Carolina Herrara gown from the SAG awards. Okay, she didn’t pair it with purple opera gloves, and there’s a noticeable lack of sequins, but it’s reassuringly close.