Mary Poppins. We learnt a lot from the lessons you deliberately taught us, but more from the lessons that you did not teach. You know. The fashion lessons. Such as:

Carry an Enormous Bag: A carpet bag, okay? Because if you have a smaller bag all your stuff is going to get crammed in there, and you’ll constantly be all, “oh, where is my iPhone? DID I LOSE MY iPhone?” It’s never lost, it’s always just buried in the deepest corner under a book or something and you just freaked out over nothing. That was mostly Mary Poppins’ problem, too. On that note, this quote:

Michael: That’s a funny sort of bag.
Mary Poppins: Carpet.
Michael:  You mean to carry carpets in?
Mary Poppins: No, made of.

Was she at all serious? Because there are some kinds of carpeting that seem like they’d make wonderful bags. Also, Michael, you did not sufficiently appreciate the knowledge bombs she was dropping.

Also, Carry an Umbrella: Now, it won’t make you fly. But it will make you feel all airy on the inside those days when everyone else is not carrying an umbrella, and it starts raining. And they’re good on sunny days when you need shade, too! Okay, it might be hard to keep one on you at al times, but you could store a spare at your office.

Hats Are Back: Can you even imagine Mary Poppins without her trademark straw boater hat? Yes, you probably can. There are definitely scenes in the movie where she doesn’t even wear that hat. But it would still look really cool and edgy if you wore one. An also, be helpful when you’re out in bright sun.

Well Tailored Jackets: Those jackets Mary wore? Nipped and fitted to perfection. If they hadn’t been tailored, then she would have just looked like another dowdy Victorian nanny. Who could, you know, fly and stuff, but still.

Tiny Victorian Style Boots Go With Everything: Fact.

What Would Mary Poppins Wear If She Were Alive Today?

Most likely something from Marc Jacob’s Spring 2009 line which was described as “Mary Poppins goes to Dubai.” Something like this: