Well, this is awkward. On Jessica Simpson’s new reality show, “Fashion Star,” a contestant tells judges Simpson and Nicole Richie that they shouldn’t be judging his menswear designs because they’re women.

The contestant in question is an Australian gentleman named Nicholas Bowes. As the judges discuss his biker jackets, judge John Varvatos begins by saying that biker jackets are a little overdone, and Simpson goes on to say that the hardware is unoriginal. It’s then that Bowes lets fly with his first comment, which is that if Simpson “understood what’s going on right now” she’d know (and I paraphrase) that unoriginal hardware is what’s happening in menswear.

Nicole Richie then weighs in, saying that the biker jacket, which Bowes paired with shorts and cowboy boots, looked a little mismatched. That’s when Bowes unleashes his opinion that only men — like Varvatos — should have an opinion about menswear.

Because, you know, there are no women in fashion.