*Image Via Buzzfoto/Zavar Manokian.

First of all, what does “dressing your age” means anyway? Trust me, I’d be the first in line to tell people to let me dress the way I want, wherever I want. BUT, c’mon, let’s face it. There comes a point in our lives when we must let certain styles of clothing go or do something to make it still work for us without looking like we’re trying too hard. That’s exactly how the BuzzFoto people feel about this belted tunic/mini-dress look from Tara Reid. And I completely agree.

Did you know Tara Reid is 32 yrs old? I was just watching American Pie this past weekend. It feels like yesterday when Tara made a splash. Anyhoo, click more to find out how I’d wear this look if I was Tara Reid to fit my age.

sil-tips.pngI’m 31, and married with 2 kids. So pardon my joviality on the fact that Tara is a year older than I am. LOL. For a woman in her 30’s, this belted tunic/mini-dress would look chic and sophisticated with jeans and pumps OR black wide-leg trouser with stilettos or pumps. This haggard look from Tara would maybe work on Lindsay Lohan or Hayden Panettiere. Lindsay would probably wear one of her awful black leggings underneath it though. For a 30 something woman, Tara Reid needs to do an inventory of her closet. Does she want to keep looking like a teen or does she want to look sophisticated, hence earning respect from her peers and fans alike?

It is possible to look chic, younger and your age at the same time. And in affordable prices no less :). My catholic school girl look for example and my other fun yet age appropriate looks. But this is just my opinion of course. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comment box. And for fun, if you’re Tara Reid, how would you wear this belted tunic?