Barbara Casasola - Runway: London Fashion Week SS14According to The Cut, “Nipples Are Your Best Accessory Next Spring.” This is due to the fact that so many designers, everyone from Max Mara to Alexander Wang showcased sheer blouses worn by topless models on the runway. Nipples are great and awesome and hands and used to feed babies and can be sexual and yay nipples!

I am totally pro-nipple. But what I’m not so pro about is the way this whole article on The Cut is phrased, which is:

Spring 2014 favors small-breasted women who feel comfortable going virtually topless.

Way to make the ample breasted women feel left out!

And what about women who don’t have nipples, which could be women who have undergone mastectomies and have not opted for reconstructive surgery? Are they also left out of this Spring 2014 trend? Not to mention nursing moms who not only have engorged breasts, but leaking ones at that.

Listen, I get that fashion favors the lithe, the thin, the models without those pesky breasts getting in the way of how material drapes across the human body, because we can’t even say female form here because females, women, have breasts of all different shapes and sizes and this whole thing just feels a bit exclusionary to me , which is something we don’t need more of in fashion.

Unless, of course, you big breasted babes want to also copy this trend because why the hell not? I’m all for women, of all breast shapes, sizes and ages doing this. Because this will obviously be followed by the Spring 2014 trend of hand wringing.

(Image: Getty)