Anybody wanna fund my Kickstarter project??

As a former resident of Los Angeles and present one of Portland, I am a huge fan of food trucks. I think they’re the most convenient, wonderful, quick options on earth for easy meals of significantly higher quality — not to mention creativity — than fast food. I love the idea of portable restaurants because they have the ability to travel where the demand is rather than simply being located in semi-inaccessible areas of town which require a long commute to get to. Plus, they offer types of dishes you might not normally try for relatively inexpensive prices, thus allowing you to choose both old favorites and new cuisine to fall in love with. So what exactly does a fashion truck offer, then?

Prior to reading this (somewhat lengthy) article detailing what a fashion truck is and what exactly it does, I found myself daydreaming about what it could be and came up with some strange answers in my mind. Granted, I admittedly know considerably less about fashion than most people I know, so it makes total sense that I have strange and totally off-base ideas on what an experimental idea like a fashion truck could be. But I also think that fashion does some weird shit and it is completely rational on my part to assume that these mobile fashion collections could be literally anything pertaining to style.

Unfortunately for me, a fashion truck is not any of the below items. Not even Karl Lagerfeld creating clones of Choupette for the world or Anna Wintour throwing pizza pies out the window just to f’ up people’s windshields. No, it is simply a truck wherein the designer or retailer sells clothing, accessories and other items while parked in all sorts of places, ranging from a music festival to a restaurant parking lot to a party. It actually sounds pretty awesome — the designer can go where business goes while not having to pay the typical costs associated with starting up a boutique or outlet. Ones like Los Angeles’ Le Fashion Truck travel all around the city selling a rotating inventory of fashion items so its consumers never get bored.

That said, I still really, really wish some of the below ideas were what fashion trucks truly did. Behold.

Photo: MTV