Earlier today, while scanning my reader for amusing stories to pick up, I came across one in The Huffington Post titled “The 7 Grossest Things Seen Backstage At Fashion Week.” There’s nothing I love more than gawking at the ugly side of fashion, so I clicked. Most of the things on the list were legitimately gross—stylists using their own spit on models in lieu of hair spray, people shaking other people’s hands right after they sneeze—but one item stood out to me as potentially wrongheaded:

5. Bleeding toes. Besides the fact that this is just flat out nasty, it ruins well-made high heels. What a way to NOT get booked again.”

Excuse me? Unless the models are cutting their toes over the course of mysterious extracurricular activities (which would be an exciting story in and of itself), I am going to guess their toes are bleeding because the heels are making them bleed. Call me a fashion philistine, but if shoes are made for humans to wear on their feet, shouldn’t “does not irritate human feet to the point that they open up an artery” be a key criteria for a shoe to be “well-made”? And then, to add insult to injury, the models are faulted for daring to bleed on these flesh-mutilating adornments, like they are doing it out of personal weakness, or to get back at the shoes. Does that not seem a bit unfair to you?


Maybe, instead of getting mad at models for failing to be superhuman creatures who, when pricked, do not bleed, the people who design shoes should try a little harder to avoid making vampire torture devices that draw actual blood, and the people who put on fashion shows should try harder to avoid said vampire devices, as well as making sure each model has shoes in her correct size? If nothing else, it would keep all that unsightly toe blood from ruining all those perfectly well-made Christian Louboutins. Please, won’t someone think of the Christian Louboutins?

(Via The Huffington Post)

Photo: Wikipedia