Fashionistas love bitching about how hard it is getting around during NYFW–some shows are uptown, some shows are downtown, you can never be sure when one’s got a late start and one’s right on time (usually, it’s the opposite of whatever you plan for). The powers that be are circumventing the issue by being environmentally and offering free bikes:

Coming to Fashion Week this fall….a free and fashionable bike event! The FCBID’s 30 bicycles, creatively customized by New York’s top designers, will make getting between the Fashion District and the fashion shows a breeze! A staffed docking station will be located on the Broadway plazas. Anyone wanting to borrow a bike may do so, free of charge with a security deposit.  Maps of quick, safe bike routes will be provided and bikes will be available during Fashion Week, September 8 – 15.

A city full of skinny white people on bikes? The Sartorialist is probably doing one-handed push-ups somewhere right now.