Christmas SweatersEveryone loves a totally tacky OTT Christmas sweater that lights up and is decorated with actual ornaments, but sometimes we’d like to wear a cute holiday sweater that doesn’t look like we’re attending another Bad Christmas Sweater party. Sometimes we’d like to put on a sweater that is actually cute, and not cute in an ironic-totally-weird-but-kinda-awesome way. We’d like to spend money on a sweater that we can wear again, and that can be worn because it is stylish, not to get a laugh out of people.

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Here’s how to look festive without wearing a sweater with a flashing red-and-green reindeer:

1. Intarsia Critter Sweater ($49.95, American Eagle)American Eagle Instarsia Sweater

Please don’t ruin this sweet bunny sweater by pairing it with your own set of reindeer antlers.

2. Christmas Tree DIY Knit Holiday Sweater ($43.68, Misguided)Misguied Christmas Tree Sweater

This sweater falls somewhere near quirky cute on the weird spectrum, where most bad Christmas sweaters are in the WTF side. Yes, all of the ornaments are removable and you can stick them where you want.

3. Sequin Christmas Tree Sweater ($90, Topshop)Topshop Christmas Tree Sweater

Color plays a huge part in whether your sweater is stylish or costume-y. The subdued gray color palette means you can get away with the sparkly Christmas trees.

4. Charity Holiday Sweater With Kissing Robins ($56.85, ASOS)ASOS Bird Charity Sweater

This kissing robin sweater isn’t just adorable, it also helps support a good cause. Proceeds from the sweater are going to help build an Udayan Care home for abused, orphaned or abandoned young people in India.

5. Christmas Eve Checklist Baggy Beach Sweater ($108, Wildfox)Wildfox Christmas Eve Sweater

A festive sweater for Christmas is essential, but you should also get one for Christmas Eve. This cheeky one shows you know how to get into the holiday spirit.

6. Ski Sweater ($98, J.Crew)J.Crew Ski Sweater

This has the vintage vibe that a lot of Christmas sweaters, but the slim fits keeps it modern. The skiers are a unique twist instead of the usual trees and trimmings.

7. Kate Candy Christmas Sweater ($26, Boohoo)Boohoo Kate Candy Christmas Sweater

You don’t need a Christmas sweater to have 3-D removable candy canes and sweets. The candies are knitted with the sweater pattern, so you don’t have to worry about leaving a trail of lonely fake candy canes on the ground.

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Sweater ($39.90, Wet Seal)Wet Seal Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Sweater

This Jack Skellington sweater is a nod to Christmas (and Halloween) but you can definitely wear it any time of the year.

9. Hobbyhorse Pullover ($128, Anthropologie)Anthropologie Hobbyhorse Pull Over

If you’re feeling very ambitious, you could attempt to knit your own festive sweater, or you could just buy this one instead.

10. Santa Claws Ugly Christmas Sweater ($65, Tipsy Elves)Tipsy Elves Santa Claws Christmas Sweater

I don’t know what they were thinking when they named this sweater, because there is nothing ugly about it. Don’t you agree, fellow cat lovers?

Click the next page to see more cute Christmas sweaters. 11. Reindeer Sweater ($49.97, Vero Moda)Vera Moda Reindeer Sweater

A massive reindeer could have easily gone into ugly Christmas sweater territory, but the neutral color palette makes this wearable.

12. Naughty Or Nice Christmas Sweater ($70, River Island)River Island Naughty Or Nice Christmas Sweater

You may actually be very naughty, but you will at least look nice in this pink Christmas sweater.

13. Holiday Fair Isle Sweater ($49.95, Gap)Gap HOliday Fair Isle SweaterRed and green is expected, so why not try red and navy? Everyone will still know you’re feeling festive.

14. Knitz By For Love And Lemons Angora Naughty Sweater ($118, Nasty Gal)Nasty Gal Naughty Knit Sweater

If you find you get nothing but coal in your stocking, you can blame yourself, or you can blame the sweater.

15. Fair Isle Sweater ($30, Old Navy)Old Navy Fair Isle Sweater

If this red-and-white reindeer design was in a onesie, it would be a little much, but in a slim-fit sweater, paired with dark jeans, it falls into the jolly, not crazy category.