Recently, a woman caused serious damage to a man by kicking him in the face with her 3 inch heel. Not only that, the heel managed to go through his eyeball and into his brain. Terrifying, to say the least. My parents have always told me to enroll in self defense classes, and I see their point – it’s a scary world out there. But then I got to thinking (thanks to the unfortunate shoe-in-brain victim) about all the dangerous weapons we carry everyday.

1. Shoes. Just the fact that a heel went through a mans eye and into his brain is pretty terrifying. Those suckers can do some serious damage, especially if they’re 5 inches high (or the Chanel ones in the picture above with the gun attached).

2. Bags. I don’t know about you, but I tend to keep my whole life in my bag. That includes my wallet, a water bottle, a tiny pouch with some make up, a book to read on the subway, and whatever else manages to find its way in there throughout the day. It’s pretty heavy and a nice swing could knock the air out of an unsuspecting victim.

3. Perfume. If overdosing on perfume doesn’t cause respiratory problems, maybe a squirt in someones eye will.

4. Car Keys. If you really wanted to, you could seriously scratch someone with those things.

5. Fingernails. Some of us have really long nails, nails that are capable of clawing people, whether it be their skin, hair, or clothes.

Men, beware.