Faux Leather Jackets

Just today I was talking to my best friend about the woeful unattainability of a real, beautiful leather jacket. One day when we purchase one, we decided, it will be a sign that we are real adults making real adult money. (Granted, sometimes incredible leather deals just fall right into your lap.) But until then, the search is on for the most real-looking faux leather jackets that can trick everyone into thinking that we are those real adults already. Ha. Haha.

This is not a task I take lightly, friends. I don’t want any of that shiny crap you can spot a mile away. I want people to be so confused that they are straight up sniffing you to confirm your leather jacket’s authenticity. With these jackets, I can promise you that the sniff test will be the only way anyone will know you didn’t just blow your yearly bonus on leather.

And don’t forget this collection of vegan leather jackets for all you animal-loving fashionistas! (I would also propose every single one of these Free People vegan leather jackets, but they were a bit hefty in price.) So without further ado, I present this season’s leather in disguise.