kate middleton christmas feat

We live in the age of the fashion icon. Once a celebrity has been famous for three minutes, people start calling her a fashion icon whenever she goes outside without yoga pants. On the one hand, that is profoundly annoying to those of us trying to compliment someone who has legitimately earned their fashion status through sometimes decades of careful styling and hard work. (We assume wearing haute couture is hard work.)

On the other hand, the glut of fashion icons is a good thing because it means every one of us can find a style muse of our own. And while we always recommend embracing one’s personal style and not trying to dress like someone else, keeping one’s personal favorite “best-dressed” person in mind can help provide structure while shopping. Imagine you are shopping one day and you come across these insane unicorn shoes. You kind of love them, but you also kind of hate them. If you’re not sure whether or not to make the purchase, consider your favorite fashion icon. For example, if you idolize the demure, classy style of Kate Middleton, it’s probably best to put the shoes back and admire them on other women. But if your favorite fashion icon is the cool and iconoclastic Chloe Sevigny, go ahead and buy them.

Here’s what your favorite fashion icon says about you.