I picked up the newest issue of In Style yesterday (February 2010) and in it, there’s an article on 10 Ways To Look Better Naked. Here’s a newsflash – many women have body issues. Not surprised?  Yeah, me neither.

the_beach sxc.hu MichelleMuch of it is, I believe, our own fault. Our expectations for ourselves are much stricter than our expectations for our partners. Sure we’d love our man to have washboard abs, but we realize that real men don’t have the free time necessary to devote to that sort of physique. They work. They take of their families. Something has got to give.   And it’s the same for us women. Plus men have an appreciation for our curves that we don’t get.

In order to feel beautiful both inside and out, I try to focus on the things that I appreciate about my body. For example, my strength and the way that my body nurtured my children when I carried them and later nursed them. I like that my legs are strong and carry me quickly up the hill when I’m hiking. I appreciate that when I hug the people that I care about, they find love and comfort in my arms. These are  the important things, looks are secondary.  Are you buying this?  You should, I am telling the truth here.

That said, if you are still feeling nervous about your nudity, the list in the magazine had some good ideas. Here are a few that I’m going to use myself.

*Peach or pink tones are most flattering. In Style suggests using a red-hued light bulb in any bedside lamps. They don’t mean a stoplight-red bulb. The examples in the magazine are more amber or rose colored. Another way to get the same effect would be to cover your lamp with a shade in a rose or peach tone.

*If you are worried about stretch marks, cellulite, or broken capillaries, try a self-tanner. There are a few natural versions on the market. A self-tanner hides imperfections better than the sun can. Be sure to exfoliate first and blend it into your skin very carefully to avoid stripes.

*A soak in a bath with mineral salts  can help to alleviate bloating. A nice relaxing soak goes a long way toward putting you in a relaxed mood, as well. The more comfortable and confident you feel, the more beautiful you will look.

*A scrub, especially one with a body oil base, really makes your skin feel smooth. Or try a loofah soap like the Wembe soap that I reviewed last month. Follow up any exfoliation with a rich moisturizer.

Image credit: Sxc.hu