Whoa! Yesterday we shared one blogger’s frustrating account of questionable practices by ModCloth, in which the online retailer may have been marking up the same items you can get at places like Forever 21 and Lulu’s for a fraction of the cost.

Our post, ModCloth Might Be Ripping You Off was met with the resounding reply: well, yes, yes it is!

Readers’ accounts were split like so: some found items on ModCloth that were dramatically cheaper elsewhere, while others were just (rightly) pissed that they spent $60 on a poorly-sewn dress made of flimsy material.

Have you ever had a run-in with ModCloth that left you feeling ripped off or duped? If you have links or pictures of the items in question (or even just an anecdote) let us know. E-mail us or leave your story in the comments!