felicty hayward

There are a number of traps we fall into when talking about body image, like: skinny women have no right to be insecure or you can be beautiful at any size but what really worries me is your health even though I’m not your doctor. Or my least favorite: real women have curves, which as Joanna points out on our sister site, Blisstree, is bullshit. “All women are real women.”

British model Felicity Hayward recently spoke to Vogue about body acceptance and didn’t fall into a single trap. Instead, she said

My size never came into my mind. I would never change myself for anyone, I’m a good representation of the average British woman. Anyone can get their arse in a certain dress. Just because I’m bigger, it doesn’t mean I hate skinny girls. Numbers don’t matter.

The Huffington Post articulates what I specifically love about this: Hayward doesn’t for a second buy into the “us vs. them” narrative that we hear about so constantly. This is a refreshing break from body snarking and debating which women have it the worst when it comes to body image.

All women receive negative and hateful messages about their bodies and how they aren’t good enough. This includes but is certainly not limited to tall women, short women, fat women, skinny women, average women, brunettes, blondes, women with black hair, women with grey hair, athletic women, and ALL women. Furthermore, we’re fed the idea that it’s a competition, that plus-sized women and straight sized-women, or any physically different groups of women should hate each other. What I love about Hayward’s quote is that she knows we should all be on the same side, because when we buy into the shit we’re fed about competing and that only some people deserve to have body issues, we just hurt ourselves and each other.

Photo: Felicity Hayward