i heart my vagina

While Kelsey is on a journey to stop wearing real bras, I’m on a journey to stop wearing underwear that doesn’t advertise my political beliefs. No, I’m not talking about buying panties with Hillary Clinton‘s face on them (although I really, really wouldn’t be opposed to doing so, if someone wants to make me some)– I’m talking about buying feminist propaganda panties. If you don’t think that’s a real thing, then a) you clearly underestimate the internet, b) you’ve missed some of our other posts about them in the past, and c) you’re about to have your eyes opened to a wonderful world of badass underthings.

Today’s amazing underwear line comes to us from musician Jessica Delfino, who’s raising funds for her upcoming tour by selling commemorative underwear to fans of her song, “My Pussy Is Magic.” (She rhymes “pinata” and “devine-a,” by the way, if you weren’t already sold.) They’re available in a variety of styles, sizes, and cuts, and each pair features some kind of adorable phrase. “Peace, Love & Vaginas” is a pretty good one, as is “I <3 MY VAGINA.” I mean, if your underwear are going to have slogans on them, they ought to be slogans like that.

my pussy is magic

While I believe firmly in destigmatizing female genitalia, I’m a big enough prude that I probably wouldn’t wear any of these phrases on a t-shirt… so why not put them where the sun doesn’t shine? No one else will see them, but you can go about your day knowing that you’re carrying a secret message of empowerment around on your pubic bone. That’s a really beautiful concept, when you think about it.

Via Bust / Photos: eBay