Fergie is ready for Summer. She even changed her hair color. She’s now sporting a darker shade. She looks lovely. Especially with her summer shorts look paired with a what I’m guessing a very expensive Valentino bag :) .

Fergie's Summer Look

Fergie's Summer Look

I can’t find a Valentino bag look-a-like for less right now but I have created Fergie’s Summer Shorts Look For Less that I know any of us could wear.

Check it out after the fold..

Fergie's Summer Shorts Look For Less

Fergie's Summer Shorts Look For Less

brown tank top, $4.80

pumice cuffed twill shorts, $20

strappy flats, $13.99

Sunglasses, $5.80

Bangles, $4.80, $5.80, $3.80.

Brown Vest, $24.50

I think it’s safe to say that Fergie is so over the winter cold just like the rest of us living in East Coast. This Fergie’s Summer Shorts Looks For Less is only $83.49. NICE! Any white tote would do, unless of course you have the same Valentino bag that Fergie is holding. :)


(Images : Bauer-Griffin, Forever21, UrbanOG)