Unlike Women who can get away and have fun with wearing different colors when it comes to belts, Men should just stick with either black or brown colored belts. Unless of course you are trying to make a bold statement hence your red or white belts hanging in your closet. But for starters, black or brown are the best to pick from. Please don’t try to break the rule in wearing belts. What is it? Brown belt for brown shoes and Black belt for black shoes. This goes for Women as well. And this is coming from a fashionista who is not afraid to wear red shoes with black dress. When it comes to belt, you just gotta really stick to the the Belt 101Rule. Anyhooo, here are some black and brown Ferragamo belts I found at Neiman Marcus that you could wear with either jeans or trousers.

Gancini-Embossed Belt.

Large Single-Gancini Buckle Belt.


Gancini Belts

Once again, that’s Brown belt for Brown shoes and Black belt for Black shoes. How about if you’re wearing sneakers? I say go for a black colored belt. :)