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Trans-seasonal dressing is a struggle. Figuring out what to wear is a challenge on the best of days but it’s made much worse when you’re between seasons and the weather just can’t make up its mind. You can have a closet bursting with clothes and accessories but they don’t make getting dressed any easier. It’s enough to make you want to stay in bed and wear your pajamas until it finally starts looking and feeling like actual Spring weather for at least a week. If you had to choose, you would rather Spring clean again than be faced with another day of trying to figure out an appropriate outfit for the unpredictable weather. And you hate Spring cleaning.

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These are the struggles everyone goes through when figuring out what to wear in the spring:

1. It’s impossible to plan an appropriate outfit for the entire day.Cannot Do This

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The temperature doesn’t just change from day to day, it fluctuates from hour to hour. How are you supposed to dress for that? If you’re lucky, your outfit will be appropriate until about lunchtime. And you can never really trust what they say in the weather forecast. They don’t know what the heck is going on either.

2. Assuming that you’ve got your bases covered if you layer.Tried

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When you’re undecided about what to wear, layering is normally a safe option. The only issue is that you never seen to be able to layer the right pieces. You always wish you wore a lighter sweater or a thicker pair of tights. Then there is the problem of frequently leaving behind that extra layer you took off at work and never seeing it again.

3. You have nothing in your closet that works for slush and mud.Andrew Garfield Give Up

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It’s bad enough that you have to dress for the constantly changing temperature. Why do you have to deal with mud and slush too? Sometimes there is so much mud around, you feel like you’re on a farm. What shoes do you wear to tackle that much mud that still look appropriate at work?

4. You plan for everything except for an unexpected rainstorm. Rain Sad

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Just when you think you’ve finally cracked trans-seasonal dressing, the skies open up and you get caught in a rainstorm. Of course today is the day that you’re not wearing a hood. You also don’t have your umbrella with you because it was too bulky to fit in your bag.

5. You forget that waterproof footwear is still important. Marge Frustrated

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Waterproof footwear is just for snow, right? Wrong. It only takes one day of sitting around wearing wet shoes and socks to realize this mistake. Then you have the issue of finding a pair of warm weather shoes that will keep your feet dry.

6. You don’t know if you should pack away your winter coat. Scott Pilgrim

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There should be an official day that everyone agrees to pack their winter coats away regardless of the weather. Just when you think that it’s getting warm enough to retire yours, it gets cold again. You now it’s April, but if it’s this freezing out, the coat is still appropriate, right?

7. …But you also don’t know if you should bring out your sandals. No Idea

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Some people like to bring out their sandals as soon as there is no frost on the ground. Others like to wait until the May long weekend. When is it really appropriate? Can you put away your winter boots and bring out your sandals on the same day? Is there a transitional shoe you should be wearing between them?

8. You end up wearing the complete opposite outfit of everyone.Sick of Crap

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It seems like everyone got the memo that they should be dressing for spring now but you. You are still wearing your puffy winter jacket with the fur while everyone else is wearing shorts and t-shirts. Come on, it’s not that warm outside, people.

9. The only way you know your outfit is wrong is when you feel you’re about to pass out or overheat.What

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Are you dripping buckets of sweat? Or are you shivering and your lips are turning purple? Congratulations, you’ve picked the completely wrong outfit for this hour of this day. It may be alright in a few hours, but right now it is the wrong choice. And don’t think making this mistake will make it easier to get dressed tomorrow. Sigh.