The “bib” trend in necklaces has inspired all other styles of bib necklaces. Some are called “collared” that actually look literally like a bejeweled bib. Some are quite pretty but some are just insanely overwhelming and well, ugly. This Filigree Short Bib Necklace from Target is the kind of bib necklace that I like.

The multi-beaded decorative accents are placed in a layered strands design. They’re not glued onto a piece of clothing to copy a “bib”, literally. I am more inclined to this kind of bib necklace than the one attached with a fabric.

If you like this as much as I do, get it at Target for $39.99.

How would you wear this filigree bib necklace? I’m interested what kind of top or dress would you wear this bib necklace with?

(Image: Target)