Wondering how you’re ever going to manage to drink that entire bottle of wine while keeping your hands free at a party? Try the booze bra! Complete with a straw that goes from tit to mouth (nothing creepy or Freudian about that) the booze bra will allow you not just to magnify the size of your knockers, but to carry around with you at all times more alcohol than you should drink by yourself.

And in case you were wondering, like me, whether this bra wasn’t perhaps originally intended for the consumption of water, the Daily Mail reports that the owner of a store that sells them has the following to say:

“…the bra should not be considered lingerie, he added. ‘It is for partying and drinking.'”

Hear that, kids? Partying and drinking. And if I catch you using it for anything else, you’ll be grounded for a week.

And BTW, the article also says that the bra is popular “with New Jersey students.” Snooki, even in the UK they know how you roll.