Finding the perfect shade of eye shadow can be a challenge for women of color.  But Thevaki Thambirjah, whose hypoallergenic and mineral oil free Thevi Cosmetics line is made specifically for women of color, has a few suggestions.  



First she says to use moisturizer as a base so the color will stick.  Secondly, Thevi, who is of Sri Lankan descent, says women of color should highlight their pigment.

“Culturally we thrive with color,” she says.  “It looks amazing on darker skin.”

Here are the makeup artist’s eye shadow tips:

  • Don’t fade away.  Color brightens darker skin.  Purple, greenish gold, muted brown, and gold are good shades for African-American women and women of color.
  • Mix-n-Match.  The “Red Carpet Look” is one of Thevi’s most popular color combinations, and it mixes several matte shades.  Cameo with a purple undertone is applied first; then Pink Whisper; and lastly the brownish purple Aged Wine.
  • Balance is key.  If you have strong color on the eye, go gentle on the lip and cheek.
  • Two-in-one use.  For a softer and more natural look, use shadow to fill in and define your brows instead of eye pencil.
  • The Blue Shadow Myth. Instead of the light blue eyeshadow that works well on white skin, try a blue shadow with an indigo or blue black tint. 

Image credit: Thevi Cosmetics