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Picking out a first date outfits is hard enough when you don’t have to worry about dressing for any particular weather. But when it’s so hot outside that the only appropriate response is to tell someone that milk was a bad choice, it makes it even more difficult. How do you manage to look cute when you’re more concerned about the fact that you might have to deal with pit stains and frizzy hair while trying to make a good first impression?

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Well, never fear, because as a human who sweats more than normal and also almost exclusively goes on first dates, I’ve figured out some prime outfit options. Here are five of them for your viewing pleasure:



The best thing about summer is that you’re more likely to have a first date at a food festival than at a bar or stuffy restaurant, and that means you can go as casual and comfortable as you want! Shorts and sandals are the perfect way to stay cool while making a first impression that screams you rather than, “I literally can’t deal with this heat so sorry about that in advance.”

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fancy date

If you get particularly lucky and find a guy who actually wants to take you out on a fancy first date (which is pretty much a miracle if you’re trying to date in New York City), then you definitely want to try to keep things as classy and airy as possible. A circle skirt and bright shoes keep you cool and summery.

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outdoor date

You pretty much are required to wear some kind of floral if you’re going on an outdoor first date in the summer. I don’t care if you’re going to a park or a zoo or a rooftop bar—it’s always the right move. Just make sure you bring a cardigan with you if you’re going at night, because summer nights can get a bit chilly.

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Happy Hour

happy hour

I’d say I’m going to happy hours straight from the office about 75 percent of the time, so you want to make sure that you’re first-date outfit is also work-appropriate, a task that can be difficult to achieve at times. A conservative, printed romper is fun enough for a date, but covered enough that you should be able to pull it off in an office environment (so long as you don’t have a white shirt black pants dress code).

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concert date

There are so many free summer concerts and music festivals during the summer that it’s pretty much inevitable that, if you’re going on a first date, you’ll find yourself at one of them. Go festive and comfortable with ripped jeans, ankle booties, and an American flag tank, because you can never really going wrong when you’re repping #Murica.

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