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I’m sure you’ve had your fill of Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner‘s ads for Calvin Klein‘s spring campaign, but we just can’t get enough of FKA twigs. I’ll admit that she isn’t always on my radar—honestly, the last time I even really paid close attention was when she and fiance Robert Pattinson attended the 2015 Met Gala looking more adorable than any other couple on the planet. This campaign though? It’s making me stand back and take notice. Like, I can’t believe I didn’t know she was a dancer until now! I feel like I’ve failed the Internet community in some way. But the good news is, FKA twigs is reminding me of all her skills in her newest video for the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign

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The short film for the campaign, which starts in black and white and slowly shifts into color as the film goes on, features FKA twigs and British dancer Kaner Flex simultaneously dancing and modeling the brand’s denim to the sound of her FKA twigs’s newest single, “Good To Love.” I imagine that the whole concept behind this shoot was to show off the movable quality of Calvin Klein’s jackets, jeans, and overalls. The best part? FKA Twigs directed and edited the clip. Check it out below:

[youtube_iframe id="HVhJ8tms0co"]

And Flex isn’t just a co-star in this one video. It appears he’s joined the ranks of Bieber, Jenner, twigs, and Fetty Wap and become a full-blown campaign star:

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I have to say, I much prefer this campaign to the overly crotch-filled Justin Bieber ads, and even a little bit more than Kendall Jenner’s. Don’t get me wrong, hers are great, but something about seeing the clothes in action, rather than in just carefully selected stills, makes them so much more appealing. It’s almost as if buying a pair of overalls could make me as talented a dancer as FKA twigs.

Well, maybe not. I think all me buying a pair of overalls would do is turn me into a really tightly-wound farmer. And, somehow, I don’t think that’s the vibe Calvin Klein is looking for.

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