Why Olympians need to rock specific uniforms for the Opening Ceremony is a wild and crazy mystery to me, but tradition is tradition and we can’t fight the man.

Fashion designers from each country take the opportunity every four years to get involved with the fashion end of the Olympic games. Between designing specific gear for individual sports, there is also the very important aspect of creating a look for the opening and closing ceremonies that announces: “Hey, World! We’re Americans! Check this shit out!”

Ralph Lauren was put in charge of the uniforms for the big Opening Ceremony on July 27th, and they’re so damn patriotic that even sans the American flag, you’ll easily be able to tell where they’re from. They also look like they’re ready to give you the lowdown on floatation devices should the plane you’re on land in the water. I’m especially getting this feeling from the female Olympian in the group, Heather Mitt, on the end there thanks to the ascot. Although how great is it that they’re wearing bérets? I’m sure this will be an issue with someone — just give it until the end of the day.

I’m all for being patriotic, but I just can’t stop thinking how these Olympians are about to jump off the screen and tell me where the front and back exits are.



Photo:  Ralph Lauren via Styleite