Florence Welch is a multi-talented woman. She’s an enthralling performer, she’s an accomplished songwriter, and she can pull off a swan dress like nobody’s business. It stands to reason, then, that storied fashion house Gucci would want to show off their gorgeous clothes by putting them on the gorgeous pop star, as they have recently announced they are doing.

They’re not just sending her a bunch of free stuff, either. Creative director Frida Giannini actually collaborated with Welch to create costumes for her upcoming tour. “When Florence first came onto the scene, I was captivated by her eccentric style and her willingness to dare,” Gianni stated in the company’s press release. “I felt there was such an authentic energy to her sound and her look. That was confirmed when I met her at the Grammys earlier this year.” She even went so far as to say that Gucci’s autumn/winter 2011 collection was inspired by her(!!!)

I’d completely shit my pants upon hearing that, but the porcelain goddess gave an appropriately classy statement to People in response (she still might’ve been shitting her pants on the inside):

I was completely bowled over by her collection. The dresses seemed perfect for my shows, the colours, the shapes, the movement in the fabric. So it seemed natural that we work together on creating some pieces for my upcoming U.S. tour…I’m very grateful to Frida, it’s been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to get dressed for the stage!

Check out a couple of the designs below, and visit Florence and the Machine’s official website to find out where you might see all that Gucci accompanied by Flo’s pleasing pop-rock this summer.