For her appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, official singer-songwriter of fashion and friend to the Kaiser Florence Welch wore (surprise surprise!) two very pretty dresses.

The first was a black and white sequined dress from Balmain’s 2012 collection:

The second was a lacy black mullet gown that was all business in front, and all party in back. Or rather, the inverse of that, as short dresses are for parties, and long ones for business:

While Welch only keeps getting prettier and more stylish, I have to express some concern over her vocal stylings, which fell a bit flat:


Let’s hope this was just a temporary hiccup and Welch is not falling victim to the Jenny Lewis Postulate, which states that a redheaded singer-songwriter’s musical output will go downhill at precisely five times the rate at which her popularity in the fashion world rises. Because that would be a damn shame.

(Via HuffPo)