An all-new season of America’s Next Top Model kicks off next week, and you can get all of the news and updates by following the CW’s new Top Model-only Twitter account @CW_ANTM. Leading up to the premiere, CW is giving us insight on each potential Top Model and what their background is. Have you ever noticed that with Top Model, the experienced models are always shunned? When you look at other competitive reality TV shows like Top Chef or Project Runway, the person with experience is seen as a threat. With Top Model, the girl with experience is seen as lame. What’s up with that?

Photo: Zuma Image

At the moment, all model interviews are only shown inside the U.S., but I’ll be posting clips throughout the next week to give you a taste of what’s to come for season 14 of America’s Next Top Model. Remember, even if you find the show a bit of a bore (and I don’t blame you), the arrival of Andre Leon Talley on the judging panel should breathe new life into this classic reality TV show.