We never expected a designer to think that actual food – food for eating – was fashionable. Cookie monster hairdos? Sure. Cupcake earbuds? Of course. But we didn’t expect a real cheesecake made by Brooklyn favorite, Juniors. Isaac Mizrahi designed the top which is  “covered with a rich chocolate ganache and a beautifully festive tartan plaid design…with a decadent fudge border.”

Hell, yes, Isaac Mizrahi. Hell yes. If we were a women’s magazine we’d make a joke here about how we hope Isaac will be doing some loose waisted dresses next season, but we won’t, because, Jesus, you should just be able to eat a piece of cheesecake and enjoy it without worrying. That’s what the Golden Girls would do. It’s available on QVC (Item #M24055) for Approximately $59.75.