Everyone knows that pizza is delicious. Everyone also knows that the proper beret can look extremely cute on a person (granted, most things look cute on an adorable child doing Blue Steel like the one above, but still). But did you ever in your wildest imagination think that those two wonderful things could be combined into one exceedingly wonderful thing? That’s right: pizza and berets are two great tastes that taste great together.

Furthermore, Buzzfeed has brought it to my attention that there exists not just one, but many, pizza hats in the world. There are big, floppy pizza hats for men. There are small, ladylike pizza hats for women. There are even pizza hats for dogs. Which pizza hat is right for you? Take our handy quiz to find out!

Just kidding. But I would like to reinforce this hat’s utter supremacy in poll form.

[b5poll id=”a2b4cd36cd3a94ce158e6dccaf17454c”]