Well, I’ve found my Halloween costume.

At first glance, “Sexy Cookie Monster” actually seems pretty cute. I’m in favor of sexy-things-that-aren’t-sexy-using-a-dress-and-monster-mask Halloween costumes (sexy cockroach! Sexy President Taft! I was thinking this might be the year of “sexy bedbug”) and this seems like it fits in that catagory. Because it’s a pretty conservative costume and – ha-ha! – no one finds the Cookie Monster sexy. Except for the producers of this costume, apparently. The description reads:

She loves her cookies!

Beautiful, blue, and always hungry for a chocolate chip cookie! This sassy Cookie Monster costume will turn heads at your next costume bash. Includes plush blue minidress, character face headband and bright blue knee highs with white bow accents.

And thus I entered into some weird disconnect where I could no longer see this just as humorous, because it was clear that it really was supposed to be sexy. Or sassy. But it’s the cookie monster. But it’s sexy. But it’s the cookie monster. Mind blown.

Adult Halloween Costumes