baguette bread bagWe don’t mean to sound insensitive, but sometimes we hear about problems that we just didn’t realize people had. For example, it had not occurred to us that it was really difficult for some people to carry bread while also looking chic. “Non-standard” clothing brand Cyan, however, has found that hole in the market and addressed it.

It’s that age old problem, how does one carry one’s baguette home from the bakery whilst still maintaining an air of style! Fear not, the answer lies in this chic bread bag from Cyan.
The ‘Baguette Bag’ looks just like it could contain a yoga mat, but it is shorter and designed specifically to hold baguettes. This leaves your hands free and makes cycling or carrying other bags of groceries that much easier.

Cyan is a Ukraine-based clothing company that specializes in what it describes as “non-standard” contemporary fashion, and the new bag they’ve designed seems to fit that bill perfectly. Cyan’s baguette bread bags are designed to let stylish people carry baguettes without ruining their outfits, even though the bags look exactly like bread.

Also, it is designed just for baguettes; it won’t hold your ciabatta or your round loaf of organic honey oat millet pumpkin zest bread. Just baguettes.

And if one can’t carry a baguette, arguably the most chic of all breads, without damaging one’s “air of style,” we’re really not sure we want to know what carrying a loaf of Butternut has been doing to ours.

While a bag just for carrying baguettes around seems largely unnecessary, we have to admit that it sure looks like catnip for street style photographers. Just throw one on, hop on your bicycle, and circle Paris Fashion Week until you’re Internet famous. The Baguette bags are being funded via the crowd-sourcing website Wowcracy, which specializes in fashion projects. The bags are made of cotton and available in five colors, including a light brown we think they should just call “bread-like,” and can be pre-ordered for 45€ or $59.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: WENN