Are you a fashionable lady who’d like to be able to snack on the go by nibbling on your Chanel purse? Or perhaps you admired Lady Gaga’s meat dress and wish to capture a little of that (smoky) flavor for yourself? Or maybe you’d like to comment ironically but vaguely on the state of postmodern materialism? Or maybe you just really, really like jerky?

Whether you share one or all of these goals, this jerky purse has got you covered. Designed by Art Center College of Design student Nancy Wu and somewhat obviously titled “100% Beef Jerky,” this purse consists of (you guessed it), sheets of beef jerky sewn together Leatherface style, and adorned with a gold Chanel logo and chain. Lost At E Minor describes it as “a highly desirable lo-fi item.” Now, I guess desirability is in the eye of the beholder, but I can’t think of anything less “lo-fi” than a goddamn Chanel purse made out of beef jerky that will attract the attention of every dog, drunk, and vegetarian within a twelve mile radius.

Then there is the problematic practice of applying the descriptor “lo-fi,” a term meant to describe how music is produced, to something other than music. I once dated a guy who’d grow extremely cross with me when I did this. “You think this purse is low fidelity?” he is saying in my head right now. “What type of equipment did you record it on? Did you use a four-track to create this purse? Perhaps a vintage reel-to-reel? How did you make this purse sound so hissy and warm?”

And now I’m thinking “shut up jerkface, you’re not my boyfriend anymore.” But you know what? The imaginary voice of my ex-boyfriend has a point. A purse cannot be lo-fi, no matter how hard it tries. But eating one’s purse in the event one is stranded with no food would be a lot less awkward that eating one’s own shoes, if it ever came down to it, so at least the jerky purse has that going for it.