If there’s one thing Jean Paul Gaultier knows, it’s stripes. And for the designer’s third collection for La Perla his sailor-stripe motif is everywhere on undies and bustiers. You always wondered what your life was lacking, and it was a striped bustier wrapped in some very retro Madonna-looking lace swirls.

The collaboration between Gaultier and La Perla started back in 2010 when the brand was looking for a “relevant” and well-known designer who could provide a capsule collection that was consumer-friendly. Although considering the price tags on some of the most basic of La Perla’s pieces, even before you attach Gaultier’s name to it, are pretty damn expensive for most of us. When was the last time you dropped $100 on a pair of underwear?

This particular collection will include 30 different styles that well extend past lingerie and even into beachwear items with prices starting around $600 and going up from there. When was the last time you spent $600 for a bra and panties set? Exactly. But there’s no denying the collection is indeed gorgeous and would probably be at home in any women’s closet. Like I said, the man knows his stripes, and if you fancy yourself a sailor, you will obviously need to run to La Perla in November and stock up. You can’t properly have sex on a yacht, if your undergarments don’t live up to your outwear.


Photos: Dominique Maître/WWD