My gynecologist has long told me that women shouldn’t wear underwear to bed. She stated that your vag needs some down time to breathe and not be stifled by cotton, lace, silk — whatever your favorite fabric might be. I told her I can’t sleep naked alone without feeling, well, weird (I know! It’s a hangup, OK?), so she told me to get some baggy boxers and wear those to bed instead. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I just wear my underwear, because they’re pretty, all right? And I want to have nice undies on should I get laid in my dream, OK?

But here’s the deal: your vagina doesn’t really like underwear, especially in the summer. In fact, your treasure chest of delight would actually prefer if you opt out of underwear even when you’re not in your bed. That’s right, ladies, your vag wants you to go commando and do it now!

For starters your vagina does not like to be associated with panty lines. Sometimes even thongs can leave a line and it distracts from your entire outfit and it looks pretty tacky, and as though you just don’t care. Do you really need people to know it’s granny-panty day, because you have to do laundry? Yes? Well, high-five for being you! I still don’t get it.

Secondly, as my gynecologist pointed out your vagina does need to aerate especially in the summer months when it’s sweltering and there’s a “swamp ass” situation going on down there. All that moisture just hanging out, similar to sitting in a wet bathing suit too long, is just a yeast infection waiting to happen. A yeast infection will lead to some heavy duty itching and until that Diflucan kicks in, you’ll be hiding behind everything you possibly can just so you can get a good rake at your goods and ease what feels like a million mosquitoes that decided to dine on your tender bits a hundred times over.

Lastly, and not as important, no underwear is sexy — or so I hear. Some men and women think it’s hot because it’s daring, or maybe it’s just the idea of easy access. No matter the exact reason, as I’m sure it differs for each person, it is viewed as an “ooh la la,” type of fashion choice.

Whether if it’s because you like feeling “ooh la la,” or you don’t want to get caught clawing at your vagina while in line at the supermarket, perhaps you should give the no underwear method a whirl this summer. One note of caution though: I hear it can be either dreadful or heavenly with jeans, depending on the sensitivity of your clit. Orgasming all the way across town may seem like a dream, but it could be awkward for others.


Photo: ImprovEverywhere