christmas tree

Thanksgiving is dunzo which means holiday party season is kicking off. You might already have a few invitations for ugly Christmas sweater parties and you might be busy planning what to wear. Instead of your usual OTT sweater, we suggest you try something a bit different this year with a jolly jacket, like the Forever 21 Christmas Tree Jacket ($34.90).

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POPSUGAR reported about the festive jacket. It separates itself from other traditional hoodies because it is shaped like a Christmas tree. Don’t worry, this one isn’t prickly. It’s constructed out of a soft polyester and spandex scuba knit blend, but it has the shape of a Christmas tree complete with spikes along the arms to resemble tree branches.


The festive green hoodie is even better because it’s decorated with metallic garland embellishments and red sequin ornament appliques. And because no Christmas tree is complete without a star, this one has a gold one attached to the point of the hood.

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When the hood is worn up, the sweater screams pure festive joy. However, it’s still pretty festive even when the hood is down. After all, when you’re wearing a zip-up jacket decorated with ornament appliques it’s hard not to feel jolly.


We suggest that you snap up the hoodie for your upcoming parties and make sure you request “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” at every one of them.

(Photos: Forever 21)