Back in 2008, Radar ran a story revealing the owners of Forever 21 as bible-thumpers. They choose Christian designers to work with, said the article, and even print “John 3:16” at the bottom of their bags.

As a non-believer, I’ll admit that I find the bible reference little irritating (although that’s never stopped me from shopping there). But apparently, Don and Jin Sook Chang are starting to let the Jesus-love seep even further in their stores. According to a post by Rachel Kane of WTForever21:

They’ve always had a penchant for crosses. A sizeable chunk of their accessory stock is crosses. Bedazzled, jazzled, rhinestone dipped and covered in colorful bling, but crosses none the less. Not a biggie. Madonna, anyone?  But on my most recent visit to the Glendale Galleria’s Forever 21 store and then again while browsing their online catalog, I noticed a disturbing trend in the graphic tees. Some were just hinting at a shadow of religion, which I’ve seen before from them, but NOW? Now there are items going Holy balls to the wall with tops that have what reads like  scripture on them.

And indeed, the next few photos she posts show images of t-shirts calling out for Jesus, begging you to pray, and in one particularly presumptuous example, claiming to have a message directly from God him(or her, if you prefer)self*:

I personally don’t think that Jesus (or any religious figure, for that matter) has a place in stores that mass-market products to, in theory, a wide range of believers and non-believers, and people of all different religious stripes. What about you?

*I know that these messages are available for the public’s viewing pleasure on billboards all across the country, and for the record, I also think those are presmuptuous. Besides, I’d be pissed if I were God and all these people kept putting words in my mouth.