Oh, Forever 21. I just can’t stay mad at you. Even after my sister told me I am way too old to be shopping at  a place called “Forever 21,” I find your desperately cheap wares too appealing to give up. I would probably shop at you forever,  but Photoshop disasters like this are not making me feel particularly kind towards you.

The model selling Forever 21’s “Touch of Glam Geo Skirt” is a beautiful and surely very nice person, but someone in the graphic design department decided to rob her of her ribs, navel, and a good several inches of waist. The change was done so abruptly she looks like her torso is rising from the skirt without in any way occupying it.

The model’s upper body looks like it was pasted on to a different picture of a lower body, and this particular Photoshop Disaster is weird because it doesn’t even seem like it would even do a good job of getting people to buy the clothes. They look like they fit terribly. Way to promote body insecurity and an anti-rib cage agenda without even bothering to promote the clothes you want us to buy, Forever 21.

And in the far away shot, she starts to look like she was Frankensteined together from the parts of different women, because her skin tones don’t match quite as well as we’d expect:


We knew about ombré hair and lips, but we were unaware that ombré legs were a trend that was happening. If we were going to Photoshop anything (besides pizza tits), an uneven spray tan would be one of the first things on our list, definitely way below lopping so many inches off the waist of an already slim model that she stops looking like a person.