forever 21 photoshop

We post a lot of Photoshop Disasters around here and, often, people respond in the comments as if confounded. “I don’t see anything wrong here!” they say, “This looks like every other image in a magazine.”

…First off, that’s kind of our point. The more tolerant we become of unapologetic retouching, the more prevalent it becomes in turn. So, we try to call them out (even when “disasters” are comparatively minor), in the hopes that magazines and retailers and the like will start toning things down.

This is a roundabout way of saying: you may not be that startled by the following Photoshop hackjob, but imagine coming across this image–oh, we don’t know–maybe ten years ago:

forever 21 photoshopYeah, human bodies don’t look like that.

And we don’t mean that in the old asinine “real women have curves” way; we mean that holy shit, human bodies aren’t usually indented where the ass has been ritualistically pruned away by a retoucher.

Of course, Forever 21 probably thinks it’s less egregious than recent examples from J. Crew and Gucci or Numero (remember what they did to Karlie Kloss?), so that’s probably why the image is still up on their site. Maybe it’s a selling point?

(via PSD)