Forever21 has gone and done it. They now have a Resort Collection as well. For curious and confused people out there asking themselves what’s a Resort Collection anyway, well here’s a basic explanation. A Resort Collection is a summer collection that you can buy during Winter. Why does it exist? Because it’s pretty much an interim Summer collection created during dead winter for rich people who go on vacation to warmer places in order to escape the cold weather. Some people would enjoy and take advantage of the snow by skiing or snowboarding. Some would rather frolic around the beach and see the sights from their chosen vacation places (mostly in other countries) in cute summer outfits aka Resort fashion while the rest from snow-ridden countries bundle up in parkas, thick coats, and boots. .

It’s expected that high-end designers have their own Resort Collections to cater to their rich clients which includes celebrities. For us bargain fashionistas, we could check Forever21 for now.


Forever21 2010 Resort Collection is a melange of bold prints, structured as well as tight silhouettes. As you can see in the pictures there are animal prints, stripes, and solid black with embellishments. The collection also includes a varied selection of military-inspired jackets. That’s where the structured styling come from. A resort collection only has a few items to pick from which makes sense since like I said above, it’s an interim summer collection. So if you plan on leaving the cold weather soon to enjoy the warm weather somewhere else, check out Forever21 2010 Resort Collection. OR, you could just go to your closet and see what you’ve already got in your summer wardrobe collection. Just a thought, heh.

Addendum: Resort Collection is also sometimes called as Cruise Collection.

(Images: Forever21/Collage by © Dexie Jane Wharton)