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Remember when you were little and your mom told you that needed to learn how to read an analog clock because digital watches were for little kids, not ~*sophisticated adults*~? Well, if I knew then what I know now about the popularity of smartwatches, I never would have bothered. The newest brand to throw its hat into the ring? Fossil.

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Days after it unveiled its newest fitness tracker, Fossil has debuted the Q Wander, a smartwatch clearly geared toward its female audience (in a good way). The digital face comes with an interchangeable leather strap that makes it much more delicate than some of its competitors. According to a press release,

“With their touchscreen displays, refined steel and classic leather accents, Fossil’s newest display smartwatches…pack the power you need to efficiently accomplish all your daily tasks in a smaller, sleeker package.”

There’s also the option to switch out the leather band of a more versatile silicone strap, and the face has been sized down slightly to fit smaller wrists better than its clunkier predecessor. You can also customize your individual watch face with different Fossil designs and dials. Personally, I think the silicone strap makes it just as unwieldy, but the rose gold watch face with the tan leather strap is something I could definitely see myself wearing every day (then again, I’m a huge sucker for all things rose gold):

q wander

The Q Wander features a “always-on display,” which means that you’ll have continuous access to the information you’ll use your smartwatch to access, like calls and alerts, and the slimmer charging port makes it feel more like a watch and less like a piece of over-the-top tech.

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Unlike brands like AppleMotorola, or HP, Fossil already has a strong background in the accessories market, and adding tech to their already-popular wares is actually a really smart move on their part. Fossil’s chief creative officer, Jill Elliott, told Racked,

“We believe as we continue to broaden our product assortment, and make impactful andsmart updates, women will continue to not only accept the category but also actively engage and lead the wearable technology industry.”

Is it a little condescending to think that women “don’t accept” the smartwatch category? Sure, but I understand the thought process. A 2015 Consumers and Wearables Report conducted by NPD Connected Intelligence found that, while 54 percent of people who own fitness trackers are female, 71 percent of people who own smartwatches are male. The assumption here is that women are less drawn to the generally bulky feel of most smartwatches, whereas many fitness trackers are either relatively unassuming or serve the important function of allowing women to, well, track their fitness goals, as the product’s name would suggest.

The Q Wander could easily bridge that gender gap: Fossil has done a great job in not sacrificing design for function, and they’ve produced something that both men and women can respond to.

The Fossil Q Wander will be available for purchase later this year. Each watch will retail for $275.