Finally! After searching on many, many websites I finally, finally located chocolate brown Classic Tall UGGs in my size (remember you should order a size DOWN from your regular shoe size). I could have bought a pair from eBay, but everyone on eBay are over pricing for a brand new pair of these boots and especially because the chocolate is in high demand and pretty much sold out or backordered ’til February 2008. Who can wait that long??? I surely can’t.

I mentioned that I wanted the Ultra Tall since they have the reinforced sole, but I changed by mind b/c I already have waterproof Columbia snowboots for the crazy snowstorms.

Okay, so the question you’re all asking–“WHERE!!! did you find them, Pascalle?!“”

Found ’em at Madison Los Price = $150.00 USD.

I was sure after I’d placed my order that I was going to get an email saying “sorry, this size and color is on backorder til _____” but nope! I got my UPS shipped status email last night. BLESS YOU GUYS!!! *muah!* Now, I can’t wait for the mailman to arrive.

In case you didn’t know, the mailman IS my Santa…

Edited to add:  If you’re planning on buying a pair you’d better hurry up b/c once this post hits the blogosphere, I’m sure they’ll be sold out in no time!